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A 2 Year Old Automated Health News and Video Content Website | Lifetime Passive Income in the Travel Niche | Aged Domain

Site Age 2 Years

Profit $400/mo

Profit Margin --

Profit Multiple --

About the Business  – 100% Autopilot Health & Fitness Content Website To Make Money Online from ClickBank and Affiliate Ads –  – Newbie Friendly & Easily managed WordPress Site


Key Highlights

  • 100% Automated Health & Fitness live news portal. The site automatically posts news every 8-12 from world best news and video websites.
  • Health & Fitness News Content Re-Phrases Automatically so there will be no issues with Copyright.
  • Make money with more than 20+  Affiliate Ads and Banner Placements.
  • Auto Social Media Posting Facebook and Twitter


Top Healthy Blog is a startup Health & Fitness content business. I have not have time to generate revenue for the site but I know with the right website marketing this site has a lot of potential for monthly income with little to no work. The site is built on WordPress. The news sections are 100 percent automated, pulling feeds from the best sources.

This makes it a hands free business where you don’t need to put your time into creating the content.

Why Health & Fitness Content? 

Health and fitness is one of the most popular blogging niches. It is a lucrative niche with a huge audience. Knowing that majority of people search up information on Health & Fitness then why not provide them a ONE STOP SHOP for their needs, this is what Top Healthy Blog provides.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

How Does It Generate Content? 

The beauty about all my content websites is as an owner it’s 100% on autopilot where all the content is being pulled from all related top sources.

I have it setup with a Post aggregator / post scrapping. Now this unique feature you can see every source it is coming from under each post and it automatically rephrases all articles so it is unique to the website.

Content is being generated every 8-12 hours consistently on every category.


Domain Age: 2 Year 41 Days (Proof in Attachments)

Domain is currently valued at $900 by GoDaddy (Proof in Attachments).

There’s a lot potential even in the Domain just alone.

View Domain Appraisal Here 

What You Are Getting:

  • Professionally Designed Website.
  • More than 80 hours of design and planning hours have been invested.
  • Premium domain paid for 1 Year
  • All website content and graphics
  • All affiliate links are cloaked for protection
  • Premium design based on WebDesign Rules 2021.
  • Premium logo design included (PNG, JPG, PSD)
  • Favicon included
  • Full installation and set up
  • Free SSL(if your hosting allows)
  • SEO Optimized Website
  • Easy to manage website (no coding skills needed)
  • Ready website for blogging.
  • 1 Click Customizable website with easy-to-use WordPress admin panel
  • Website optimized for fast loading to give the best customer experience
  • Full tech support to get you up and running
  • Content is automatically added to the website every day
  • All available LEGAL pages
  • GDPR compliance
  • No experience needed, perfect for beginners.
  • Social likes & shares for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest integrated.
  • Ready to earn money with Clickbank, Amazon, PropellerAds or any Affiliate program you want. (It means that you can add these programs yourself)
  • Twitter Auto Posting


Customers will be Young and Elderly audience  needing to know more information on their Health and Fitness journey.

Visitors will come from your promotion of the website, to help with generating traffic I have set up an auto social posting for all your major social media platforms.


Top Healthy Blog is set up so you can make a very easy passive income with multiple streams of income for instance:

  1. Google AdSense Program
  2. Amazon Affiliate Program
  3. Clickbank Affiliate Program
  4. CPA Networks
  5. Banner/link ads
  6. Create your Course or Product

How Do You Get Paid?

You receive payments from ClickBank Affiliate Program or Any Affiliate of your choice once a week by direct bank transfer or check. Also from your Google AdSense account.


I’m newbie. Can I run this website? 

Yes, this site is built on the latest version of WordPress. It has very simple Admin Panel. You can change everything you want just in 1 click. Full transfer support is included in this price. No need to be afraid that you don’t know something.

Should I invest my money into this site?

If you want. It depends on you. You can run paid ads to promote your site. Or you can save your money and drive traffic from Facebook or Pinterest. It  allows you to get traffic for free.

Can I run this site from my country?

Yes. You can be located anywhere, all you need is a laptop and the Internet.

How Much Time Should I Spent For This Business? 

The time you spend on this business is entirely up to you. The site is full ready to start earning commission for you as soon as you add your own ClickBank affiliate links or Affiliate Partner, so even if you only spend a few minutes a day on it you could start making money. On the other hand, if you want to make this to a full-time business, there is no limit to how far you can scale up your income. You can write unique articles daily, run different types of paid ads, drive free traffic from social networks, arbitrage traffic etc.

What Business Expenses Are There? 

Only Your Hosting Fee. You can use any hosting you want. but I will transfer site using Hostinger.

Why Am I Selling This Site? 

I am a full time Web Developer who founded his own Web Digital Agency. We create variety of profitable websites

What happens after I purchase this auction?

After purchase, I will send you Hosting and Domain Login Credentials so you can take ownership of Domain and Website. I will also provide you support after your the sale.

What Can I Do To Develop This Site? 

  • You can build brand by creating pages on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • You can run paid ads through Facebook, Google & Instagram
  • You can write your own unique articles to get organic traffic from Google
  • You can collect people’s emails and do Email Marketing.
  • You can implement actions which is shown is marketing materials which I will send to you.


  • Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always glad to help.









What else do I need to know? 

Transfer: I have a quick and easy way to allow you to transfer the site, but if you’re not reasonably technically inclined I can walk you through it or do it for you.


Please PM or comment with any questions.

Note: This website is sold as-is. I do not make design changes to the site after the sale.

Note: Because the site is new it has little traffic and has currently not generated any income as of yet.

I will change the Amazon ads affiliate links if you have a US account. If you want to add non-US Amazon ads, AdSense, BSA, or other ads I can give you some advice but the responsibility for the changes will be yours.

Amazon, AdSense, BSA, and other ad companies use a variety of criteria when accepting affiliates. I cannot guarantee you’ll be accepted.


I have built this amazing easy to manage business to see another person understand the value and grow this business from where it is at now to where ever they want to build it to.

I personally see ALOT of potential and value in this website. This business can make you a few thousand dollars a month quickly.If you are looking for a opportunity to make money, this business is a  great investment.

Your Very Own Fully Automated Website Business That Will Work For  You 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week/365 Days a Year on Auto Pilot

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ HAPPY BIDDING! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Monetization Methods

• Ads
• Affiliate Sales

Primary Expensis

• Hosting ————— USD $15 /month

Sale Includes

• Domains
• Website files
• Email address
• Unique content
• Unique design



Payment Methods

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