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Turn your tired website into an easy to manage money making machine.

All without spending a penny more on search traffic or paid ads. What you’re about to learn will change the way you think about your website.

updated: July 12, 2024 5:57 pm

Dear business owner..

If you would like to know the quickest way to turn your website into a money printing machine that spits out customer inquiries every day.

Then buckle up because what we’re about to share with you is exactly what you need to hear.

Getting you…

– More traffic
– More calls
– More Sales
– More customers
– More Money coming into your business to pay the wages!

Better still, you won’t have to lie awake at night jealous of your competitors crushing it with their ‘shiny’ new website.

So we understand what a website needs for it to be successful.

It’s in our DNA!

We have done this for a wide variety of markets…

No, I’m talking about tried and tested methods for converting website visitors into cold hard cash, with none of the fluff.
Not some BS from a YouTuber or dinosaur web agency.
So what’s the problem?

Why are so many businesses suffering with a subpar website that doesn’t generate the sales that’s needed to make the website worthwhile?

We’ll it’s simple…

The real issue isn’t having a website that “looks” better than your nearest competitor… It’s having one designed to sell like….

Having your own superhuman sales person that works 247

Or takes holiday…

Or leaves you, to work for a competitor and takes a bunch of customers with them.

That’s it!

A well branded website built with sales in mind is like having a superhuman sales rep that works around the clock.
Bringing you in new calls and emails each day.

But hold it right there…

“A website doesn’t work, and they’re too hard to manage”
These are words spoken by disappointed business owners let down by a shady web design company…

Who promises the world, and delivers you a globe at best.
That is why we’ve taken the guesswork out of creating, updating and maintaining a customer-generating website.

More than you know what to do with.

Some hand-crafted websites that generate crazy sales!

How to create a website that sells?

There are many cogs required to make a website that works the way you need it to, however…

Below highlights a few of the key qualities that make up a sales driven website:

Easy to manage

Taking the stress out of having to chase your web agency to make the smallest of changes is our goal. Having the power to manage your own content is vital.

Fully maintained

You wouldn’t buy a car and never service it. So we encourage all website customers to maintain their website on a regular basis, or we can do this for you!

Attention grabbing

The web is a sea of noise and competition, and buyers are impatient. Your website needs to find a way to be unique, grab attention fast and stand out!

Simple experience

Often a visitor is on your website because they have a problem to solve. You must make sure that your website provides a solution in as few steps as possible.

Great structure

Simplicity is key, this includes the structure of your website. Making it easy for users to navigate will boost sales, and also favour the search engines too.

Creative copy

What you say on your website speaks volumes. You must be able to grab people’s attention and guide them down a path so they result in buying from you!

3 Steps to a profitable website

We live and breathe website design, and use our years of experience to do what we do best… Leaving the terrible web design to that cousin who once dabbled with photoshop and code. (We all have one)

Rely on talent and the desire to help businesses own a website that does what it should do… SELL!

1. Schedule a Call

Taking the stress out of having to chase your web agency to make the smallest of changes is our goal. Having the power to manage your own content is vital.

2. Custom Website Design

During the call, share with us your goals, we want to know about you so we can give you an outline to a strategy that will work for you.

3. More Website Customers

The web is a sea of noise and competition, and buyers are impatient. Your website needs to find a way to be unique, grab attention fast and stand out!


Google 5 Star Rated Web Agency

Helping many industries

We have designed hundreds on websites over the past 10 years, for clients in many different industries.

We have had the pleasure of working great clients in the following niches.

  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Beauty
  • Blog
  • Catering
  • Consulting
  • Construction
  • Cosmetics
  • Dental
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Fitness
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Non-for-Profit
  • Pest Control
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Security
  • Social Media
  • Travel
  • Many More…

How much does a website cost?

A website is more of an investment than a cost. It’s… A surefire way to share what you are selling, and convert ready-to-buy traffic into customers.

Got Questions? (FAQs)

Every website is built to meet the needs of the individual customer; therefore, the cost of a new website will vary depending on how many pages and features you require. However, we provide honest pricing, always keep our rates competitive and are happy to tailor packages to fit your budget. As a starting point a website from Digital Quality Agency starts at $750.

In our opinion, yes, every business should have a website, and not just because we design great ones! A website is your virtual shop window, allowing you to showcase your products or services to the world. Now, while it is still possible to find customers without one, the absence of a secure, professional website can damage consumer confidence and make prospective customers question your credibility. So, whether you are looking to establish a firm online presence, or simply tick that box for your customers, we can help.

For the images on your website, we will assist you in finding high quality photography from either free stock libraries, or even premium paid photo libraries. Your direction will be needed to find the best images to suit your business. 

Amateur web design may look acceptable on the surface, but sites are often riddled with broken links, load slowly, and are likely to look terrible on smaller screens. This can be far more costly than hiring a web designer as your potential customers may look elsewhere for a better experience. User experience and conversion are tightly linked, and we offer affordable designs that will ensure your visitors stick around.

No! We have clients all over the UK and all over the world and communicate with them over email and video calls.

No. You will be responsible for your website domain name and hosting. This allows you to retain full control over over the domain and website files if you ever decide to move. 

We can recommend some reliable website hosts and will complete the new website migration for you so the process is still very easy for you. 

Yes, we ensure all websites we produce are launched with an SSL certificate, identifiable by the little padlock in the URL bar. Your digital security is top priority, and is also reassuring for your customers, so we never send out a website without one.

No, the development of your website doe not include monthly SEO. All content (images, text and videos) will be seen by Google but does not mean your website will rank number 1.

To increase your organic search position on Google, we recommend monthly SEO services from a team of professionals. You can learn more about our SEO.

Toggle Content

We encourage that you write and supply all of the text that you want on the website. After all, you know your business best. 

If you need some support here we can supply a copywriter for you to rework your copy, or create original content at $50 per hour. 

Contact us via email    info@digitalqualityagency.com    with your requirements and a link to your existing website, or feel free to book a call to discuss further adn we can provide an estimate.

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